random musings of a 20 something medical student, heavily occupied by books, trying to figure out life


2013. Let’s flip a new page

it’s a fresh start.

forget whatever mistakes you made last year.

don’t let others look down at you just based on your past mistakes.

whatever resolutions you make or you don’t make, it is totally up to you.


make 2013 another fun roller coaster ride because we just survived 2012. 🙂


my resolution : to not have a boyfriend this year and wash my bed sheet on weekly basis.




moist brownie

so today.

i found out that the key to moist brownie is olive oil. 

the kind of brownie that wants you to finish the whole pan on your own? and sticks to your teeth and gum?


embrace yourself. this is the answer to it.


now I’m polishing my freshly baked brownie. it’s made of sweet potato flour.


so i am convincing myself that i need the extra dose of anti-oxidant.

i am a future medical practitioner after all.


have a good day/sleep ahead. ❤

my favorite new singer

my favorite new singer

there is just something about his voice.

it is soothing and calming. it serenades me to the dream world before i go to sleep.

when you are in need to feel calm, i recommend you to listen to his songs. 

here is a link of his cover of i can’t make you love me.


enjoy 🙂


kahlua hot chocolate

australia is transitioning into summer. welcome to the three Bs ; beach, bikini and booze! 😉

for those living in the countries which are transitioning into winter, i would recommend you to do what i am typing down right here.

it is simple, easy, and festive. 


its kahlua hot chocolate

who doesn’t know kahlua, a very famous coffee liqueur. not forgetting tongue tantalizing as well 🙂

make your own hot chocolate. regardless whether it’s instant or not.

put kahlua into it.

for every two parts of chocolate drink, mix it with one part kahlua.

don’t forget the whipped cream! 🙂


dine and dish has great instructions in making this drink. 

enjoy 🙂

things i am loving right now

pashli satchel by 3.1 phillip lim, tipco vegetable juice (5 grams of fiber for merely 60 kcal!), and clinique chubby lips for days when i don’t have the time to apply make-up